Wapsi River Level

 At this time there is not a reason to be concerned about the Wapsi, we are just monitoring the river levels.

09:00 pm — 13.58′

08:00 am — 13.1′

 Fire safety videos and tips

1. Close your door-


A simple nighttime routine can wind up saving countless lives: close the door! Researchers are finding that fire spread is occuring far more rapidly with modern home furnishings, which often incorporate synthetic, petroleum-based products as coverings and stuffing. Simply closing the bedroom door at night can provide more survivable temperatures, higher oxygen concentrations, and reduced exposure to carbon monoxide for occupants if a fire ignites outside the room. In conjunction with creating a simple barrier to fire and toxic smoke, preparing escape plans for each member of the family is paramount.

2. Hands only CPR-


There are many risk factors for a heart attack, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, a history of stroke, obesity, or diabetes. Signs and symptoms of a heart attack vary by individual but there are several common signs: shortness of breath; pain in the jaw, neck, back, shoulder, or chest; feeling faint. IF A HEART ATTACK IS SUSPECTED, DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY.